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Lectures to the Society are written up by our members and can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the links provided below.  Depending on your browser settings the document will either open in your browser window, open in your PDF viewer, or be available to download to your computer.  

NOTE: THE CONTENT OF THESE WRITE-UPS HAS NOT BEEN VERIFIED BY THE SPEAKER.  As such they undoubtedly contain errors, as our members are not experts in the topics covered by our speakers.  All such errors are ours, not those of the speaker.  

COPYRIGHT to all material is owned by the Society.

2018 - 2019 Season September 2018 to May 2019

The Geology of London: Phillip Laurie (November 2018 NOT YET UPLOADED)

Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: Dr Leon Barron King's College London (October 2018)

Missions to the Ice Giants: Dr Adam Masters Imperial College (September 2018)


Discovering Earthlike Planets: Dr Anglada-Escudé  Queen Mary College (May 2018) 

The Emotional Side of Immune Diseases: Dr Fulvio D'Aquisto University of Roehampton (April 2018)

MRI Imaging and 3D Modelling Prior to Surgery:  Dr David Nordsletten, King's College  (March 2018)

The Cassini Legacy and Juice: Dr Greg Hunt, Imperial College (February 2018)

Light, Sleep and Time - and how they Interact :   Prof Russell Foster, Oxford (Jan 2018)

Height and the Ordnance Survey, A Computer Controlled Ventilation System by our members Nick Stapley and Roger Allsopp (December 2017)

Plastics: Dr Ron Bennett (replacement lecture) (November 2017)

Places, Memories and the Internet of Things  Dr Duncan Hay UCL (October 2017) 

Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistant Pathogens :  Dr David Aanensen, Imperial College (Sept 2017)


How can we Engineer Biology and why should we do it?  Dr Tom Ellis, Imperial College (May 2017) 

Designing and Manipulating Molecules for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Prof Alvaro Mata Queen Mary College (April 2017) 

Smart Cities and Driverless Cars:  Dr Christoph Mazur (March 2017)

Machines for Unravelling DNA : Dr Daniel Burnham Francis Crick Institute (Feb 2017)

Future Battery Technologies: Dr Monica Marinescu Imperial College (January 2017)

Prime Numbers/Beginnings of the Gas Industry/Concrete in Non-building Application: by our members John Powell, Mary Mills and Ron Bennett AGM (December 2016)

Cassini - The Grand Finale Into Saturn: Dr Greg Hunt Imperial College (November 2016)

The Exomars Trace Gas Orbiter Mission: Dr John Mason (October 2016)