Lecture Programme

FRIDAY LECTURES AT 7.45pm on the THIRD FRIDAY of every month from September to May, unless otherwise indicated

Visitors are welcome at all meetings, and are requested to donate £3 to the Society.


2018-2019 Season

We are currently putting together our programme for the next season running from September 18 to May 19 inclusive.  Lecture titles may change, as may the lectures themselves.  Updated information will appear here as we have it.

Sept 21st 2018: Mission to Jupiter's Ice Giant Moons: Dr Adam Masters, Imperial College

The mission is to study Ganymede, Calisto and Europa - all likely to have sub-surface oceans of water, be geologically active, and which could support forms of life.

October 19th 2018: Advances in Forensic Science: Dr Leon Barron, King's College London

November 16th 2018

December 21st: AGM and talks by Members

January 18th 2019

February 15th 2019

March 15th 2019: Cellular Mechanisms in Plants Dr Elinor Thompson, University of Greenwich

April 19th 2019: Bio-inspired Technologies - Dr Joseph Fabian, Imperial College

May 17th 2019

PLEASE NOTE THAT the programme can change so be sure to check closer to the date, if there is a particular lecture of interest to you.  Also note that the titles of talks are provisional, and can change.  Again, check closer to the date.