Lecture Programme

FRIDAY LECTURES AT 7.45pm on the THIRD FRIDAY of every month from September to May, unless otherwise indicated

Visitors are welcome at all meetings, and are requested to donate £3 to the Society.


PROGRAMME 2017-2018


Sept 15th - Pathogen Surveillance                                                              Dr David Aanensen, Welcome Trust, Sanger Institute

Oct 20th  -  ‘Tales of Things’ in the Olympic Park                                       Dr Duncan Hay, University College

Nov 17th -  'Plastics'                                                                                       Dr Ron Bennett

(This replaced the scheduled talk on Fuel Cells & Electrolysers by  Dr Enrique Ruiz-Trejo, ImperialCollege)

Dec15th  -  AGM and Members’ Evening                                                    AGM  and short talks given by members


Jan19th  -       Light, Sleep and Time - and how they interact                       Prof Russell Foster, Nuffield - Ophthalmology

Feb 16th  -     The Cassini Legacy and JUICE                                              Dr Greg Hunt, Imperial College

Mar 16th  -      MRI - Imaging & 3D Modelling Prior to Surgery                    Dr David Nordsletten, Kings College

Aprl 20th  -      Positive Thought & Behaviour Boost the Immune System    Dr Fulvio D'Acquisto, William Harvey Institute

May 18th  -      Discovering Earthlike Planets                                             Dr Guillem Anglada,Queen Mary College

PLEASE NOTE THAT the programme can change so be sure to check closer to the date, if there is a particular lecture of interest to you.  Also note that the titles of talks are provisional, and can change.  Again, check closer to the date.